Octavio Salvado

Owner & Principal Yoga Teacher At The Practice, Bali.

“By the grace of my teachers, the Masters and God Almighty, my mission is simple: to share Yoga with the world in the way that it was intended – as a spiritual science designed to awaken us to our highest potential. Everything I teach is lineage-based, handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years in an unbroken chain of personal transmission.

Since I began teaching in 2006, my only wish has been to serve humanity by sharing this great science and simultaneously honor my teachers and the long line of dedicated Yogis that came before them.”

Octavio began practicing the science of Kriya Yoga at age 19 and was eventually initiated into Kriya Yoga at 27 in Northern India. He pilgrimaged for a decade across India, deepening his understanding and practice of Yoga and Tantra; things that can’t be learned from books.

He has accumulated dozens of certificates over the last two decades, but to him they matter very little. As the Masters say: ‘Only direct experience matters and how committed we are to daily practice’.

Now, with the unshakable resolve to educate people on the truth about Traditional Hatha – about what it is and what it isn’t – and to make it more accessible and meaningful for the masses, Octavio has committed himself wholeheartedly to the lineage of Sri Vidya, the knowledge-stream of the Himalayan Masters. This sublime lineage, above all else, is dedicated to bringing forward more light, wisdom and beauty into the world by the virtue of committed personal practice.

With his relentless studentship and unwavering commitment to self-practice, Octavio hopes to help all dedicated students find more purpose, self-reliance, joy and freedom in their daily lives and ultimately, achieve the highest goal – Self Realization.

He believes that when practiced correctly and with the right guidance and attitude, the potential for Yoga and Traditional Hatha to deeply transform all aspects of our lives is limitless.