Studentship and ‘the right to know’

Yoga is one of the few remaining paths where its impossible for someone to ‘buy’ or ‘fake’ their way to the top. Many try, and indeed may experience a short stint of peripheral fame, however ultimately, when we are dealing with Yoga – an ancient spiritual science – there are bigger forces at play. Forces that do not tolerate hypocrisy, or fakery of any kind.

Those who fake, ultimately fall.

There is a wonderful word in Sanskrit – Adhikara, which loosely translates as ‘studentship’ but it more accurately speaks to the idea of a student earning the right to receive the teachings based on their own dedication. In other words, a student’s capacity is derived from their efforts and this, more than anything else, dictates their evolution.

The Moon Sun Fire program is an honoring of Adhikara. There is a right time for all practices and there is also a wrong time. In my haste during the early years of my practice, I diligently practiced methods that were beyond what I had earned the right to be practicing. So I had to pay the Karmic debt for that. That is why I am so strict these days when it comes to progressing properly, with hard work, humility, intelligence and patience.

It all comes down to maturity.

To become a more potent Yogi or Yogini and a more complete human being, we must systematically work through our layers and become more acquainted with the sacred than we are immersed in a sense of self-importance. In other words, the more advanced the practices get, the less self-involved we need to be, because otherwise the power we generate in practice will corrupt the personality. How often do we see ‘famous’ Yogis fall from their pedestals? Power is the reason. Power corrupted their minds. Power without self-awareness and strategy produces disastrous results.

From the perspective of Tantra, the process for spiritual maturation is the systematic progression from matter to energy to mind to Consciousness. It is a map – a very good and reliable one, that has proven its worth for thousands of years. So why change it? Why innovate when the system is already perfect? Moon Sun Fire is simply about making the map more accessible.

To elaborate, we all start out being very identified with our bodies, our name, our possessions and our roles in life. All of these things belong to the world of Matter. Yet overtime, as we practice and evolve, we start to touch in on something subtler, and it changes our worldview – our relationship to energy changes. We begin to speak the language of vibration and the ‘unseen’ world develops and transforms into a bridge that carries us beyond the mind and ultimately behind the minds tendency to divide.

Slowly, via practice-born evolutionary momentum, our limited perception of who we are begins to shift and eventually dissolves altogether. What remains is the highest state of Yoga: Samadhi – remembrance of who we truly are – the eternal Self.

To be clear, Samadhi is for everybody.

It is not a myth and it is not inaccessible to daily practitioners like ourselves. It simply takes time, commitment and a good strategy. If you practice correctly, methodically and with the right attitude and culminate your daily practice with Meditation, you will experience Samadhi soon enough. You will see. However, please remember, you must ‘earn’ that experience.

As you move towards your rightful goal, the progressive practices laid out in the Moon Sun Fire program, will evolve you in the following way:

  • Strengthening and purification of the physical body
  • The mind naturally begins to Internalize
  • Spiritual passion is stoked.
  • Desire to practice increases
  • Prana is balanced and fortified
  • The lower mind stops being reactive
  • Memories stop disturbing concentration
  • Single-pointedness is sharpened and strengthened
  • Identification with the personality-self dissolves
  • Increasing experiences of light, joy and insight fill the mind
  • Total absorption into the Light of the Self (Dharma Mega Samadhi)

This final marker is something that we all have the ability to achieve, if we practice in the correct way. Jumping from practice to practice, or practicing every few days is not enough. It is not a good strategy. Commitment must be total and practice must be orchestrated systematically.

Dharma Mega Samadhi refers to the Meditative experience of resting in a cloud (Mega) of our own highest virtues. Another way of saying ‘the qualities of the Soul, or Self’.

This ‘union’ is Yoga and it is yours, if you desire it. Adhikara is the key. By honoring ‘studentship’ and the principle of ‘earning the right to know’, slowly and surely, through your own intelligent and wholehearted efforts, the lower mind will loosen its grip and like the dawning of a new day, the eternal Self will rise up and illuminate your mind and every little detail of your extraordinary human existence.


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