Tantra Is Not About Sex. Don’t Get Distracted.

Today, Tantra’s innocence is being robbed by charismatic perverts, fooling the masses that Sex is Tantra and sensuality can lead to enlightenment. Its nonsense. Don’t buy into the hype. You’ll only slow down your progress, and probably create an absolute mess of your relationships in the process.

This grand deception is a prime example of Maha Maya (cosmic delusion) in Her most dazzling cloak, where She has even tricked us into poisoning life’s greatest medicine – practice itself. Such fun She has! But the time has arrived for us to wake up to the reality that although sex can be sacred and should certainly always be conscious and beautiful, for yogis like us, it cannot be truly Tantric.

Why? Because the ritualistic rigours of the Left-handed path are far beyond the reach and capacity of general practitioners. Dabbling in this façade is pure distraction and will only increase our addictive tendencies and unhelpful habits, which will slowly weaken the mind, destroy memory and concentration power and keep our Pranic force bound to the lower Chakras – the exact scenario Tantra is designed to combat.

To put things into perspective, a true Tantric Guru would never initiate a practitioner who hadn’t first demonstrated a clear mastery over their own mind and energy and were capable of accessing their own vast inner pool of Kundalini Shakti and knew the inner alchemy of transforming it into Prana Shakti. So, if this is not yet a part of your daily Sadhana, forget about it. For now, stick to Asana, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya and Meditation – get a grip on your own life first.

I am not saying don’t work on intimacy, or to ignore the value and wonder of a loving, sexual connection, because these things are a beautiful part of being human. My suggestion is simply that we stop insulting actual Tantra by calling these couple’s workshops, sensuality seminars and masturbation methodology books Tantra, because they do not even belong to the same universe.

Here’s the thing, if we did manage to find a true Tantric text on the left handed path, we probably wouldn’t even want to read it – far too dry, technical and unsexy. Forget about 50 shades of grey! Think instead, 50 chapters of code!

The answer is simple, do your practice! Do it correctly and consistently. Do it daily. Meditate every single day and touch in on that self-luminous being that exists inside of you, full of beauty and free of fear. This is the goal of true Tantra. To transform the inner world and become a living shrine. Then, everything you do will be sacred.
Absolutely everything.

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  • Following my incstinct, my thoughts and believes, I modestly thing you are absolutely right-

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