Studentship and ‘the right to know’

Yoga is one of the few remaining paths where its impossible for someone to ‘buy’ or ‘fake’ their way to the top. Many try, and indeed may experience a short stint of peripheral fame, however ultimately, when we are dealing with Yoga – an ancient spiritual science – there are bigger forces at play. Forces […]
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Kundalini – The Radiant Soul Of Tantra

Several hundred years ago, when the West was first being exposed to the philosophies of the East, many of the key concepts were simplified, or miscommunicated. Orientalists at the time, in doing their research on advanced topics, unskillfully questioned the common folk instead of adepts better suited to answer questions dealing with the intricacies of […]
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Tantra Is Not About Sex. Don’t Get Distracted.

Today, Tantra’s innocence is being robbed by charismatic perverts, fooling the masses that Sex is Tantra and sensuality can lead to enlightenment. Its nonsense. Don’t buy into the hype. You’ll only slow down your progress, and probably create an absolute mess of your relationships in the process. This grand deception is a prime example of […]
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